Have Golf Swing Tips and Lessons failed to deliver lasting results?

Golf Ball Engineer discovers The Key to a Repeating Golf Swing. All the Pro's do it... now you can too!

Robert Cotter,
creator of the
Instant Golf Swing®

Dear Fellow Golfer, I’d like to share with you what I personally learned from top professional players.

As a golf ball design engineer, I spent many years working for the most prestigious golf equipment company in the world designing golf balls for professional and recreational golfers like yourself.

This afforded me the opportunity to observe many of the best golfers in the world up close, striking golf ball after golf ball, with laser-like precision and power.

After watching and analyzing the swings of 100's of pro golfers, I was struck at first by the marked differences in their golf swings.

The variation of grips and swing planes left the mind wondering as to how they could all arrive at impact with consistency and send the ball on its way… seemingly perfect every time!

Given the variation of physical types (tall, short, lean, rotund) made this even more amazing. I often thought to myself,

"How can Pro Golfers do this? What is their Secret?"

It's when I started to focus on their similarities that I began to understand the true essentials of a repeating, perfect golf swing. When I stripped away the differences in body type, grip style, and club path I saw the golf swing in a new light.

And then, POW, it hit me! I discovered the secret, the common denominator, or what I call The Key to a reliable, repeating golf swing.

I started practicing using The Key and instantly saw a dramatic improvement in my ball striking. The ball was now going where the club face had pointed at address...toward the target!

My ball striking was crisper and my scores dropped dramatically. It was as if my golf swing was now on auto pilot! I crashed through the 80 barrier and now enjoy a low single digit handicap.

I shared my secret with a few golfers and they were equally astounded with their immediate improvement. In fact, the speed of the improvement was so stunning, in many cases, that I trademarked my new discovery the Instant Golf Swing®.

The author launches one with The Key to an Instant Golf Swing®

I realized I had to put this info together so I wouldn't lose sight of my discovery. I worked diligently over many months putting this breakthrough swing method into a comprehensive, yet easy to understand format that could be obtained from the internet.

To accurately convey this secret, I even hired a world renowned illustrator to bring The Key to life with detailed illustrations and easy to understand reference material.

Then, in order to help as many golfers as possible, I decided to create an online golf instruction ebook that could be delivered in minutes, so improvement could begin right away (hardcopy also available).

The result is my guaranteed golf swing learning system:

"The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing"

Instant Access - Start Learning in Minutes!

“I was out driving them by 20-30 yards with a $20 club”

"... I was showing “experienced” players what a straight and accurate shot looked like.

My whole club set with bag cost $200 brand new. Some of my friends have drivers that cost twice that! Imagine their reactions when I was out driving them by 20-30 yards with a $20 club.

Those same friends gave me a lot of flak for even buying an “online lesson.” Guess who’s on the receiving end of that flak now!

Thanks so much for making your book affordable. And thanks a LOT for improving my game so early on. I’ll be sure to give you recognition when I slip on the green jacket!”

Nick M. - Longmont, Colorado

“Brilliant, stunning, unbelievable is all I can say."

"Dear Sir,

As you will by my e.mail address above I purchased your Key system and I am amazed by its immediate change it has had to my swing and went from 107 for an average round to 90. Brilliant, stunning, unbelievable is all I can say.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and superb service you have given me, I have just read the ‘Key’ again, just to refresh and keep the practice going to improve even further.

Its great to be able to grin on the first tee knowing that I know what MY FRIENDS WOULD LOVE TO KNOW."

Martin S. - UK

“The Verdict: WOW!”


I am one of those "doubting" Thomases who is naturally suspicious of ads from any old internet site - but after struggling with my game for the past two years, and figuring your book was about half the cost of the private lessons I've been taking, I decided to find out what your "miracle swing key" is all about.

The Verdict: WOW!

I went to the driving range a few days after reading your book and hit the most amazing bucket of balls of my life. Except for a few flubs while dialing in your technique, all were perfectly straight and long (except for the very slight pull you predicted - easy to compensate for!)

I know that with a little more practice, what you have taught me will become totally ingrained, and that I can expect near 100% consistency in my shots. I am telling every hacker I know about your book.

Thanks for making golf more fun than ever!"

Richard T. - Carmel, IN

"I can't believe it was so simple."

"My name is Jim. I'm 41 years old and I live in Australia. I have been plagued by a leaking right shot for two years. I've been to different pros and practiced till my hands bled but nothing has stopped it.

I just read your Ebook and it made a lot of sense. I just hit some balls without using the drills and just focusing on...(The Key).

Every shot was flush in the middle and my finish was perfect. I can't believe it was so simple. The best money I've spent in years.

PS - I'm not telling anyone."

Jim M. - Australia

Over the past 21 years (11+ years online), I've taught over 5000 golfers from 61 countries the simple Key that puts their golf swing on auto pilot and delivers the club head right back through the ball, for precision shots and lower scores.

In 2013 I introduced the brand new 7th edition of my manual, "The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing", to the golf world, and the response has been incredible. I invested many hours and dollars getting everything up to my standards and I couldn't be more pleased with the final results.

This golf season I am determined to get this information into the hands of as many golfers worldwide as possible so that they can experience the exhilaration of a true repeating golf swing.

Believe me, I know how frustrating this game can be. Let me show you what I learned from years of experimentation and studying the top pros in the game while in the golf industry.

This unique approach to the swing incorporates the common denominator that governs the swings of every great player. It ties together the individual steps of the swing into a seamless, repeating motion. It is truly incredible.

Important: This year I have also done something for my customers that is truly an online golf instruction first.

It's frustrating to meet so many golfers who are using the wrong golf ball type by no fault of their own. In many cases, they are getting the wrong information. What's worse, they often end up playing "whatever they find in their bag" (or the woods).

That's why this year I added a PERSONALIZED GOLF BALL RECOMMENDATION to "The Key to A Repeating Golf Swing" golf improvement package.

As a US patent award winning golf ball engineer, I have worked knee deep in golf ball technology for years, developing new ball designs, and then matching the finished product to the correct recreational and professional golfers based on their personal needs and equipment parameters.

I even witnessed a major championship winner add 20 yards to his drives after we matched the correct ball to his equipment and launch conditions.

Imagine what the correct ball could do for your game!

In fact, do you know which of these ball types will perform better with your equipment and swing speed?:

Most golfers find the answer Eye Opening. My unique, detailed ball rec report is written for your game and is truly an industry first. I even look at your current equipment (driver loft, shaft flex, etc...) and give you an expert's opinion on optimizing for maximum distance and accuracy.

Here is some recent feedback from several of my Golf Ball Consultations (the product names are removed as they may not apply to your game and equipment secifications; PR = product name removed):

"hitting the ball 265-270 yds. every drive!"

"Robert, I can't thank you enough for your help!

I just got a dozen RB's, they are AMAZING! I have been hitting the ball 265-270 yds. every drive! They are also more durable than the PB's I was playing with.

I just shot 83, my best round ever.

Again, Thanks a lot!"

Joe G - Florida, USA

RB = Recommended Ball
PR = Prior Ball


"playing more consistently with longer distance"

... I hit more greens with the RB than the PB, so I have been playing for the last month with the RB and playing more consistently with longer distance. Thanks again for your suggestion of the RB and hope you are having a good Spring."

John T - Colorado, USA

RB = Recommended Ball
PR = Prior Ball


Do I sound passionate about using the right golf ball? You bet I am, and I encourage you to see what this information can do to transform your game.

Match your equipment with the right ball type, then take it to the next level with the breakthrough swing method I developed with you in mind.

Here's just a sample of what's revealed in the New Edition of The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing:

    Why haven't you improved? - Learn why traditional golf instruction routinely fails to help the average golfer. You may have tried dozens of golf tips without lasting success. If fact, handicaps have scarcely budged in the last 30 years despite the wealth of instructional material and high tech equipment advances.


    The Pro Golf Swing vs. Yours - Regardless of their size, age, or gender, professional golfers share a common denominator. What's more, your body will teach you this secret in seconds!

    Ryder Cup player revelation - Learn how a comment from a PGA Tour winnner who was watching my swing became the final piece of the puzzle in building my Tour Caliber golf swing.

    The Swing Key - Perform this one simple move and strike the golf ball time and time again with machine-like accuracy and power. You'll wonder why you tried to play any other way.

    golf swing impact

    The critical relationship between address and impact - Get it right and all systems are on go for a solid strike, straight shots, and lower scores.


Works for All Clubs / Shots From driver to wedge (even chip and pitch shots). The Key works time and time again because it is the core of a sound golf swing.


Right and Left Handed Golfers - That's right, you lefty's have been neglected for too long. No more thinking backwards or trying to flip an image in your mind so it makes sense. The Text and Images in my system are presented for both right and left handed golfers.

Weekend / Occasional Golfer? - I developed this system with the part time golfer in mind. If you only play a few times a year, or on the weekends, you can apply The Key immediately the next time you play and see results instantly. Of course if you're an advanced player, this system can take your game to an even higher level (just read some of the case studies).

Winter / Snow? - Is it cold and snowing where you live? Winter is a great time to practice your game to be ready for the warmer days ahead. What's more, most of the unique practice drills in the system can be practiced indoors without swinging a golf club. So start building your Repeating Golf Swing now and be ready for Spring or that mid Winter golf vacation!

"my slice has disappeared"

"I have to say it has profoundly affected my golf game.

I'm 5' 11" 260 lbs and 56 years old, I look like an old Russian weight lifter trying to hit a golf ball, so limber and elastic are not words I would use to descibe myself.

I considered myself to be a rather short hitter or more likely average. I at times could have a wicked slice and was never realy happy with my game, I play twice a week and wasn't getting any better.

Since using what I learned from your ebook my slice has disappeared and a draw has come into my life for the first time, a little to much at times and I'm considerably longer off the tee and with my irons.

I never thought I would be able to hit a golf ball over 300 yards, but I can now.

OOOOOOhhh What a Feeling!!!! Using driver, wedge into a par 4 is a lot more fun than driver, 5 iron. Trust me on that one. I still have a ways to go get everything under control, but I'm much happier with my game.

I just wanted to say Thank You.

Jack an American in Australia"


"shot a 41! My best of the year"

"Talk about a testimonial... Your Readers would not believe this.

Read your book Monday evening. Went to back yard to work on your tips. On Tuesday A.M. worked in my net on theory.

Tuesday evening at league shot a 41! My best of the year (4 strokes off my average). All this within 24 hours.

Your a Genius! Thanks so much."

Carl W. - Kentucky, USA

Author's Note: (this gentleman is 72 years young)


So how much would you invest to finally play the type of golf you've always dreamed of...to take your golf game to a new level of performance and enjoyment?

You can spend your time trying various golf tips that may work briefly, but invariably you'll find your old swing waiting to sabotage your score. Sound familiar?

You can go see a pro, pay $150/hr and walk away with no reference material (you're on your own).

Well, because I am so committed to sharing my knowledge with you, I am offering The Key system to you today for only:

The Brand New, Professionally Illustrated, 2013 edition of "The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing" Manual (PDF format for PC and MAC, immediate, simple download) or Hardcopy Version.


2013 Instant Golf Swing® Special
(save 24%)

only $45




How about an additional incentive... Act Right Now and You'll Receive The following 5 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth AT LEAST $279.80!


1) "Putting Rebel - Conversation with a Putting Wizard" Exclusive - My breakthrough Ebook based on my in depth conversation with the best putter I have seen in all my years of playing golf.

Discover the exact techniques this putting expert uses that enables him to average less than 30 putts per round.

"Putting Rebel" Jay revealed to me how he sees the big picture on the greens, beyond the break and speed. It doesn't matter whether the putts are left to right, right to left, or bombs from across the green. He buries the ball in the hole like it is being pulled on a string.

It is truly fascinating instruction that will help your putting game instantly. (PDF format for PC and MAC). Immediate, simple download. ($39.95 value).


2) "Golf Ball Secrets" - Learn what you really need to know about golf ball construction from a design engineer (me) and why simply playing the right golf ball can easily knock 5 strokes off your score.

Get the real story on Dimples, Spin Rate, and Performance. Provides tips to choose the right ball for your game to lower your scores.

An actual "on course" scenario showing the effects of using the right and wrong ball for your swing. How to evaluate a golf ball on the course and much more... (PDF format for PC and MAC). Immediate, simple download. ($29.95 value)


3) Personal Golf Ball recommendation -In my experience, up to 90% of golfers I work with are using the wrong ball for their game.

As a US Patent award winning golf ball engineer, I constantly receive requests from all over the world for golf ball recommendations and have been matching the correct ball to individual golfers for years.

The correct game improvement ball combined with a Repeating Golf Swing is a winning combination.

Let me recommend some product based on your particulars (avg score, handicap, driver and 5 iron distances, strengths, weakness, etc..) so that you can begin lowering your scores immediately.

Note: I take this commitment very seriously and deliver your recommendation typically within 48 hours of receiving your game specifics.
Full details of the info I will need are provided inside.
($150.00 value)

4) Golf Stats Software
- Manage your entire golf game and track your improvement with this simple to use software. Input course information, scores, date and time; even detailed stats like sand saves, putts, and fairways hit are included in this program (PC only). Immediate, simple download. ($29.95 value)



5) Mike Pedersen's "Fit To A Tee" - Learn how simple stretches can revolutionize your game (PDF format for PC and MAC). Immediate, simple download. Mike is the featured golf fitness expert for Golf Magazine's website GolfOnline.com and also PGA.com. ($29.95 value)



And here's my personal Guarantee to you for trying my system...

Your No-Risk 45 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you make a sincere effort to apply the principles in "The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing" within the next 45 days, you'll realize lower scores and more enjoyment from your game.

But if you aren't 100% satisfied, email me your refund request and electronic payment receipt within 60 days of purchase and you'll be issued a prompt, no-hassle refund. Hardcopy product must be returned in original condition for full product price refund.

So you've got nothing to lose except strokes off your game!


All together this package adds up to well over $300 in value. But because I am determined to help as many golfers as possible: Receive the "The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing" system plus all five (5) bonuses for only $45.

Note: Due to the large number of personalized golf ball recommendations, I will only be offering this price for a limited time.

Order now and get instant access to your Immediate Download (even if it's 3:00 AM!). Or have the HardCopy version shipped Priority Mail to your doorstep.

Order The Complete 6 Part Package - $59.00

2013 Instant Golf Swing® Special (save 24%)

only $45.00

IMPORTANT: The New Edition price of only $45.00 is an extension of a brief promotion. I expect to be raising the price significantly without warning to keep up with the demand for personalized golf ball recommendations. So if you're at all interested, take advantage of this savings and act now.

My Best Wishes,

Robert Cotter
Instant Golf Swing®


P.S. - Still undecided? Take 2 minutes and read the following unsolicited case studies and testamonials from real golfers around the world. They have all discovered The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing and are playing the best golf of their lives. With a 94% success rate, I invite you to put my system to the test Risk Free and take your game to the next level with your own Repeating Golf Swing.


"I could not believe the difference"

"Hello, good morning

.. I went to the driving range a couple of days ago and practiced as you suggested. Then, yesterday we went for a game and I could not believe the difference.

.. your tip on how to .. (The Key) .. is absolutely perfect. I don't know why every single instructor would not adopt it. You can tell someone a million times... but those simple sketches and the exercise of closing your eyes and "feeling" it makes all the difference.

I made a par and danced like it was carnival (I am Brazilian, after all).

Thanks for your help, your great product,

Enjoy the US Open, but if you like soccer, Brazil will be playing on Sunday... :-)"

Sally - Oklahoma, USA


"shot 4 strokes under my handicap"


I finally took the lessons to the course after a day at the range...I shot 4 strokes under my handicap and shot one of my lowest rounds in a long time. I think with more practice on the system, my improvement should be even more dramatic.


Gene P. - Westlake Village, CA


"I now have a nice draw"

"Hey Robert,

That really simplified all the problems I was having. I read your lesson and applied it to my swing and have already noticed a few wonderful things...I now have a nice draw that I can thank you for.

Anyway, thanks again for the help"

Dusty N.- California, USA


"proceeded to hit straight shots consistently"

"Amazing! Finally online golf instruction that really works. I spent ten minutes practicing the swing method and then proceeded to hit straight shots consistently in the center of the clubhead.

Focusing on the one key element while addressing the golf ball makes all the difference. Been using the system ever since and my slice and shank shot are now a thing of the past!


Jeff G. - Dartmouth, MA


"your product has lived up to its claims"

"...shot 74 with only 1 birdie, i.e. CONSISTENCY!!! Thanks, your product has lived up to its claims. Its up to my little pee-brain to do the rest."

Cal F. - Ontario, Canada


"will help beginners as well as advanced golfers"

"I've been a student of the golf swing for years now and have read numerous books on golf instruction. "The Key To A Repeating Swing" ebook does the best job at simplifying the fundamental requirement for a sound golf swing.

Rob makes perfect sense with his analysis of the golf swing and the illustrations make it easy to follow. I felt an immediate improvement just by performing his recommended drills.

The instruction given in this book will help beginners as well as advanced golfers. "

Ralph C. - Osterville, MA


"hit the longest straightest drives"

"I read the book already and went to the range.... I hit the longest straightest drives ever!!!! "

"I am going to stick with this big time! "

Martin O. - Co. Tipperary, Ireland


Order Now to receive your Five (5) Free Bonuses worth at least $279.80

"my playing partner was surprised"

"Thanks Rob,

Your method instantly felt to me like how it felt when I was swinging my best around August of 2003. But, at the time was never able to understand entirely why. This seems like a great way to keep that good feeling. I have only swung a club is my basement thus far and hope to practice and play tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again, John"

Author's Note: (an update 2 days later)

"Hi Rob, Just an update, I'm pleased to say the method does work and allows me to have something to go back to after I hit a bad shot and I need to right the ship again. (The Key)...produces very good shots with a slight draw.

My playing partner was surprised when he saw me hit the first few approach shots on to the green with good trajectory and power, while I remained balanced through the shot. He said my swing looked really good. ...managed to shoot 85 from our Blue Tees, which measure over 6700 yards. In recent weeks, breaking 90 from these tees was a challenge.

After the round I went back to the range to continue to work on the woods. (The Key)...seems to allow for a good swing path into the back of the ball and up and through. When I trust it and don't force anything it produces a nice straight shot with a little draw and not to mention good distance.

Sorry for the length of this note. I'm obviously excited about finding this key. I think from here it can only get better. I'm once again excited about going to the golf course instead of getting there and quickly finding myself frustrated by my poor play. Thanks for compiling this information, it's really helpful. I'm glad I stumbled onto it on the Internet.

Best Regards"

John F. - Baltimore, MD



"From a 150+ round, I just broke 90"

"Hello Robert,

Like you wouldn't believe!!!!!! From a 150+ round, I just broke 90 :) The Key is too good to be true. This is why I want to continue with the exercises!..

Thank you for everything.


James K. - Hawaii, USA


"Your instructions are sound and very helpful."

Thank you Robert.

Your tip is also well received...and will be used. I am a fresh retiree and plan to start a "heavenly existence" here and now, hitting that small ball with as much repeated satisfaction as my swing will allow. Your instructions are sound and very helpful.


Louis B. - Quebec, Canada


"your approach is excellent"


Thanks for the very quick response and excellent support. I think your approach is excellent and will recommend it to other members of my club.

Your book has already made a difference. In the prizes Saturday and Sunday.


Hugh D. - Ireland


"very pleased with the results."

"I purchased the Instant Lesson Ebook a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with the results."

"It sounds cliché, but...(The Key)...solved a lot of my problems. I have been living in the 80's for a while, I sure would like to see what the 70's look like!

I really enjoyed the lesson,


Jeff C. - Missouri, USA



Thanks a bunch. I have plenty of friends that play golf, and they need to improved their games as much as I do. You can count on me to tell them about you and your web site. You are a class act and I have enjoyed doing business with you. God Bless."

Roy A. - Louisiana, USA


"has resulted in a vast improvement of my shots"

"Hi Robert,

things are going particularly well having studied your instructions.

i have been practising - one thing i have noticed is that after many years of " practising aimlessly" i have discovered a new awareness in what my body is doing.

this has resulted in a vast improvement of my shots - the majoriy of my shots are now a lower trajectory - longer with a slight draw - what more could i ask!!!

when i do hit a bad shot - its not half as bad as previously - and i am aware of what i did wrong.

the biggest thrill for me is knowing what feels wrong now and correcting it the next shot. which i do. i cant believe how i am so aware of my swing now, and not frustrated by the " what did i do wrong this time" now i can feel it - now i know.

the trajectory and solid contact i am achieving now is out of sight to my previous old swing.

thank you, please keep in touch"

Steve P. - Perth, Australia





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